P U L L I N G  Y O U R  I N S I D E S  O U T
a batman/joker fanmix that describes things beyond mere fist fights in dim moonlight and skyscraper-shaped shadows []

i. jill tracy ~ pulling your insides out // ii. marilyn manson ~ lay down your goddamn arms // iii. crystal castles ~ empathy // iv. dead weather ~ 60 feet tall // v. mirel wagner ~ red // vi. of verona ~ dark in my imagination // vii. marilyn manson ~ minute of decay // viii. soap&skin ~ me and the devil // ix. nine inch nails ~ burn // x. emiliana torrini ~ gun // xi. fransisca hall ~ until it hurts // xii. nine inch nails ~ echoplex


Here we are; a bunch of psychopaths helping each other out.

Hvis man tror på Odin og Thor, er folk ved at dø af grin. Men det er helt ok at tro på en mand, der lavede vand om til vin og gik på en sø.

People keep pushing me to be the center of attention… I would prefer to be on the sidelines, because that’s where you see more.

A N D  T H I S  I S  L I F E: nothing yet enough
interwar’s poland music mix — carefree years before the war; when the women danced in the swirling cigarette smoke, more free than ever before. when the threat of war, looming over the borders of the country couldn’t weaken people’s optimism. we finally had a country, we finally were independent: we could speak polish, enjoy playful cabarets and the country was slowly rising from the ashes. it wasn’t perfect, certainly not for the poor, but it was better; we had an identity.

i. miłość ci wszystko wybaczy - hanka ordonówna  ii. już taki jestem zimny drań - eugeniusz bodo  iii. warszawianki, warszawianki - tadeusz faliszewski  iv. sex appeal - eugeniusz bodo  v. uliczka w barcelonie - hanka ordonówna  vi. jesienne róże - tola mankiewiczówna  vii. cała przyjemność po mojej stronie - ludwik sempoliński  viii. walc francois - tola mankiewiczówna

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Axis II, cluster B: Borderline Personality DisorderN I N A  S A Y E R S
The only person standing in your way is you.

Axis II, cluster B: Antisocial Personality DisorderJ I M   M O R I A R T Y
He laughed at me, so I stopped him laughing

Invasion of Poland & London black-out
I do not see why man should not be as cruel as nature — Adolf Hitler

Loki’s children: Marvel x Norse mythology ㅡ Hela (Hel) Goddess of death
Hel he cast into Niflheim, and gave to her power over nine worlds, to apportion all abodes among those that were sent to her: that is, men dead of sickness or of old age. She has great possessions there; her walls are exceeding high and her gates great