When PoC say they don’t mind your racist shit:


I used to be the one who said, “I don’t mind.”

 ”I’m Asian and I don’t mind” 

"I’m a woman and I don’t mind"

"I’m queer and I don’t mind"

 - So why don’t the rest of you just lighten the fuck up.

In fact, I’m Asian and I think it’s funny.

It’s just a joke.

You say it because there is a place inside of you that hurts and it shouldn’t.  

You think it’s weak. You think, who the fuck cares?

Maybe you say it because you’ve heard it so many times that you’ve become desensitized to hurt, and you accept it as normal.

Or maybe you say it because you’ve made yourself blind to injustices so you never hurt at all. 

I laughed. I laughed at the jokes and the stereotypes. I laughed because I made myself laugh, and the sound of it covered up my discomfort, and my shame. 

When you laugh enough, laughing becomes second nature. 

Not caring becomes second nature. And then, you eye everyone who does care with disdain. They have no sense of humor. They’re too sensitive. You’re better than them. They make the rest of us look bad.

They’re being a bad minority.


They’re so annoying. They’re the reason why people hate feminists.

What I actually meant when I said “I don’t mind” is:

Please accept me

Please think I’m special 

Please make me one of you

And what they heard when I said “I don’t mind” is that it’s okay.

It’s okay to laugh at someone for being Asian - my mother, father, my grandparents; my cousins, my aunts, my uncles.

It’s okay to laugh at women - my mother, my sisters, my friends

It’s okay to laugh at queers - my friends, my lovers 

Because they’re friends with a PoC, you see, so they can’t actually be racist, especially if their friend is okay with it. 

I said it was okay. So it must be.

Everyone else is just oversensitive. Everyone else is just uptight.

What they heard when I said “I don’t mind” is that if you mind, you don’t matter. Your experiences don’t matter. Because they have this friend who said it was okay. 

What I meant when I said “I don’t mind”:

I want to laugh with you; I don’t want to be laughed at.

And what I didn’t know was that just because I didn’t mind, it didn’t make me special. When you laughed at those people, that included me, too.

And what they don’t tell you when  you say “I don’t mind,” is that from that moment on, you will be championed as a representative of an entire race/gender/orientation/identity. And your words of “I don’t mind,” or “I think it’s funny” will be used as an example, to put down countless others of other races/genders/orientations.

To say “I don’t mind” is not what makes you strong. It takes far more strength to care, and address the issues. It takes courage to look unpopular, to look “humorless” or to be a “bad minority.”

We should mind. It does matter. If more people minded, instead of feeling like they didn’t have to, then maybe people would start seeing that there is a very real problem.

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my interpals profile from 6 years ago (when i was a gross weeaboo btw) was still up

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I hate 2003 movie Lost In Translation and you should too


So, for a while now I’ve been making scattered posts about how much I hate this movie, and when asked why I replied: well, it’s fuckin racist (and misogynistic as well we’ll talk about it).

Dropping my trademark lowercase typing for a more legible text here but we’re in for a wild ride. I’ve also been asked: how is the movie racist? Could you elaborate? So here’s the essay.

How is Lost In Translation racist?

I’m sticking to some sort of (shudders) academic but also handy and organised plan here to explain the whys and hows and what makes this movie that a lot of teens and older teens, and olderer not-teens consider deep, relatable, original, good, gorgeous, whatever, a 100 minute constantly and unapologetically racist piece of trash of a movie.

I think we’ve all figured out even by reading the synopsis to whom the aforementioned racism is directed to: it’s us, the Japanese. And yeah for once I’m gonna take the liberty to speak for all of us because let’s be real, this movie is outrageous.

3 Important Points as to How Lost In Translation is racist:

  1. THE WHITE CHARACTERS: the characters themselves are typically “white in a ‘foreign’ country”: entitled, ignorant, racist. I am gonna talk about our two main characters, Charlotte (portrayed by our beloved confirmed zionist Scarlett Johansson) and Bob (portrayed by our favourite wife-beating, multiple time cheating asshole Bill Murray) but also the secondary characters such as Charlotte’s boyfriend or that other girl whose name I totally forget.
  2. THE MOVIE ITSELF AND ITS RUNNING JOKES: something I hadn’t noticed until I rewatched the movie a few days ago for the sake of making this post, there are many, many awfully racist running jokes throughout the movie. It actually angered me a lot. Here I will talk about how the movie itself, how some visual elements and how the plot unravels reveals a lot of racism and misogyny.
  3. THE JAPANESE CHARACTERS: now this is where it gets tricky. truth is, no importance is accorded to any Japanese person in this movie, despite being set in Japan. Fishy huh? This point is kinda tied with the second one but I think I can elaborate on the absence of a Japanese POV, and how this extends to other movies where the setting and its inhabitants serve as a prop to the white story the white movie wants to tell.

Continuing under the cut:

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